Microdosing Magic Mushrooms – Everything You Need to Know about this Growing Trend

Everywhere you go these days, there’s a good chance that you will come across something that relates to microdosing magic mushrooms. On TikTok, posts with hashtags related to microdosing have been generating millions of views. On Google, the searches that have to do with microdosing mushrooms have been rapidly increasing as more and more people try to satisfy their curiosity about this new trend.

But what is microdosing, anyway, and why is it so popular today? It is basically the practice of consuming very small amounts of a drug or intoxicating substance. The general idea is that by taking just a minimal dose, you can experience the vast benefits of the drug without having to go through its unpleasant side effects.

It is certainly not a new thing since it has been used in the medical industry for a long time. But recently, many people have taken to doing recreational microdosing, particularly with magic mushrooms. If you are thinking of trying microdosing mushrooms for the first time, you will certainly be in for a treat. Brace yourself as this might be an experience that could potentially change your life.

What Are Magic Mushrooms and What Can They Do for You?

Magic mushrooms are either wild or farmed mushrooms that naturally contain the hallucinogenic and psychoactive compound known as psilocybin. They are also commonly known as shrooms, mushies, golden tops, liberties, philosopher’s stones, and a plethora of other interesting nicknames.

There are many ways to take these mushrooms. Some eat them raw and freshly picked. Others choose to dry them, which is the more popular method as it lets you store the shrooms for future use. There is also the option of drinking it in the form of tea. Finally, you can also experience the effects of magic mushrooms by taking controlled doses of liquid psilocybin.

Once ingested, magic mushrooms can have a wide range of effects, both positive and negative. Over the years, some cultures have used magic mushrooms for relaxation and to induce a meditative state. Studies have revealed that shrooms have been a part of the culture and practices of indigenous tribes of Europe and America for centuries.

Today, we can enjoy the same benefits for mental and spiritual wellbeing. But many of these fungi contain potent amounts of hallucinogen and can lead to serious health problems when not consumed in correct doses. Some of the unpleasant effects include feelings of panic, nervousness, paranoia, or psychosis. To avoid these nasty side effects, psilocybin intake must be strictly controlled, and this is where microdosing comes in.

What Are the Benefits of Microdosing Mushrooms?

Microdosing allows you to experience the incredible benefits of magic mushrooms while keeping the potential side effects at bay. Most people are not able to tolerate the psychedelic effects of ingesting mushrooms but these same people can maximize the benefits of mushrooms through microdosing.

Thousands of people have benefited from the numerous positive effects brought about by microdosing mushrooms. Research and anecdotal evidence have shown that psilocybin is highly valuable as a form of treatment for depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, addiction to cocaine, alcoholism, and psychological distress.

Magic mushroom microdosers have also reported positive effects like the relief of cluster headaches, without experiencing any of the known side effects. Many smokers who have self-medicated through microdosing also say that it has also been a great help to finally quit smoking.

How Do You Know the Correct Dose?

Proper dosing is the key to a successful magic mushroom microdosing experience. You need to take just enough to experience the relaxing and mentally enhancing effect, but not too much that you also feel the psychedelic effects. Since shrooms have different effects on different people, you would have to do a bit of experimenting until you find out the best dose for you.

With that being said, the exact dose would depend on the kind of experience that you wish to have. Some people microdose just to get through a stressful day with their sanity intact. Others use microdosing to go into an utter high. For the purpose of boosting your daily productivity, most people would take a dose of about 0.3 grams. This is very close to the boundary for most individuals, beyond which they might go into a psychedelic state.

In addition to the amount of shroom to take, you should also know the correct frequency of taking it. The pattern that works for a majority of microdosers is once every other day for a week, then take an entire week off, then repeat.

What Are the Best Mushrooms to Microdose?

There are dozens of magic mushrooms in the world but there are some that are preferable to others for the purpose of microdosing. The African Transkei magic mushrooms, for instance, are known to produce intense hallucinations marked by vivid changes in sounds, colors, and patterns. It also leads to a higher level of self-awareness

If you are looking to enter a euphoric state while also having a heightened state of consciousness, the penis envy mushroom would be an excellent choice. Also, these mushrooms are also said to enhance creativity, which can be helpful for certain lines of work.


Although they are known more for their sensory effects, many magic mushrooms also cause positive physical changes in the body. One of the best examples of these would be the Golden mammoth mushroom, which can help reduce inflammation, promote the healing of wounds and even help in the treatment of many health conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes

What Is the Easiest Way to Microdose Mushrooms?

Admittedly, measuring the exact dose from dried or fresh mushrooms can be tricky. It can also be dangerous because the slightest excess in dosage can result in a tremendously different experience from the one that you might be hoping for. Fortunately, there is a way to ensure that you only get the precise dose that you need, and that is by using microdose caps, just like the Scooby Snacks from the Alice Shrooms range of products from Golden Shrooms.

Aside from delivering an accurate dose every single time, capsules are also very convenient to take. You can bring them with you everywhere you go because they come in handy bottles that easily fit in your purse or even in your pocket. They also eliminate all the hard work involved in preparing dried mushrooms, while bringing you the same pleasant results.

Scooby Snacks are available online at the Golden Shrooms website. Each bottle contains 20 300mg caps. For a milder effect, there is also a 150mg version of these capsules called the Spark, also available at the site.

Where Can You Get Magic Mushrooms?

As the popularity of microdosing continues to increase, so does the number of magic mushroom suppliers. However, not all suppliers will give you quality mushrooms. To ensure your safety and maximize your chances of a truly positive experience, you should only order your shrooms from a trusted supplier like Golden Shrooms.

Here, you can find the finest magic mushrooms that we have carefully selected from all over the world, and buy them at very competitive prices. We ship out quickly, safely and discreetly, also at a very affordable rate. Visit Golden Shrooms today and take that first step that will change your life forever!

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